Friday, February 15, 2008

Tallahassee Goes Green

On January 9th of this year (2008) Tallahassee, FL became the second city in Florida to obtain the prestigious "green city" designation with the Florida Green Building Coalition.

The city is being recognized for numerous green initiatives, including it's Go Green Tallahassee program, and it's use of and support for green building programs. In addition, Tallahassee has numerous citizen driven green businesses and initiatives, in areas as diverse as solar, real estate, baby supplies, and others.

For a long time, Tallahassee has remained a relatively obscure little capital city. Now it is starting to make it's mark with a rapidly growing green program. Tallahassee's Gov't currently has plans to become the leading green city in the United States. With it's extensive network if canopy roads, it's favorable climate, nationally award winning park system, and access to fantastic wildlife and outdoor activities, it seems the perfect location. Whether it will actually achieve it remains to be seen....



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