Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Green lights the way for the Über rich

In something straight out of Yoda's living room... and at an interstellar cost too, the xDesign Environmental Health Clinic at New York University gives us the "green light".

Essentially a solar-powered, 6watt, LED chandelier, the greenlight incorporates a small tray for plants. According to
Bill Wolverton, the environmental scientist and ex-NASA researcher who pioneered this idea, the light works at wavelengths preferable for photosynthesis. As the incorporated plants grow, they absorb polluted air, thus reducing indoor pollution.

Originally designed for air-cleansing of space-stations, these living lights are now being produced for homes across America. However, given the $6,000/light price tag, we don't expect they will become too common of a sight any time soon.

Even though they score a 10 on the coooool factor, given the astronomical costs of these lights, they get a big green boo from greengo.

From Popular Mechanics and EcoGeek


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Niro said...

Wow.. looks so awesome..I wish my house is like that.Nice to see you on Google blogger group too.. Hmmm If you have time like your thoughts on my blog too