Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our nuclear future

As each primary unfolds, it is becoming clear that either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton will obtain the Democratic Presidential nomination, and, perhaps, become the next president of the United States. The Republican nomination remains much less clear, with no individual an obvious contender for the Presidential position.

Given the recent developments in Great Britain's attitude towards nuclear power, whoever becomes the 44th President of the United States, they will face significant pressure to work with the nuclear industry.

While a few environmentally-minded folks these days consider nuclear fuel to be a green choice, many, if not most, still recognize the inherent dangers, and the challenges of safe disposal and transport of spent fuel.

So far, unfortunately, little has been discussed regarding the candidate's positions on the future of nuclear energy production in the United States. The following information is provided from Grist:

Democratic positions:
So far, neither of the two leading candidates for the democratic nomination have stood up in opposition to nuclear energy: Barack Obama has come out in clear support of nuclear energy as part of a mixed energy strategy; while Hillary Clinton has retained a position of ambiguity. John Edwards, while no longer considered a serious contender, is fully opposed to nuclear power.
* Hillary Clinton Ambiguous
* John Edwards Opposes
Mike Gravel Opposes
* Dennis Kucinich Opposes
* Barack Obama Supports

Republican position:
All Republican candidates are supportive of nuclear power.
* Rudy Giuliani Supports
* Mike Huckabee Supports
Duncan Hunter Supports
John McCain Supports
Ron Paul Supports
Mitt Romney Supports
Fred Thompson Supports


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