Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to make money being green... part 1.

These days, being green has moved way out of the fringe and smack into the heart of our mainstream society. Green this, green that, seems like everyday some new article comes up about being green in a new and creative (and often, unfortunately, completely unpractical or unnecessary) way.

How do we sort through this forest of "green" to find the products, the groups, the ideas that are going to help us to save some money and make the difference we all want to..?

One great idea, that will both help others in your area to live in as ecofriendly a way as possible, and also help you to earn money being green, is to produce a green guide to your area.

To do this, simply get out. Walk around, hike around, cycle, talk to people. Live the lifestyle that you really want to in your area, but do it AND pay attention. Write down the details, interview folks... How much more fun could this be. All you have to do is all you want to do, and the information will simply pile up.

But what to do with that info... how to organize it? How do you present it?

Simple. Follow the lead of the few enterprising folks already doing this in one or two areas. Find out what works what doesn't work and modify it to fit your interests, and your town/city/bioregion.

To put it together, try a blog. Or even a book. A great example is the Insiders' Guide To The Big Green Apple: Your Guide to Eco-friendly Living in New York City" written by Ben Jervey.

However you do it, the most important part to making green by being green, is simply to enjoy yourself. This may never become a full time job, or pay ALL of your bills. But if green is how you want to live, then why not create a resource that helps others to do the same while doing just what you do all the time anyway.


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