Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just don't throw it ...recellular it!

Cell phones are one of the most common accessories we carry these days. Unfortunately, most folks really do consider them just that. An accessory. And one that goes out of style, out of date and out of their lives all too frequently. Along with the waste produced in the manufacturing of these gadgets, cell phones themselves contribute huge quantities of mass to landfills each year.

The sad part of all of this is that they are 100% (yes, i said 100%) recyclable. Those that are still functional (and many, if not most are) are easily refurbished and resold (if not in the States, abroad to developing nations).

If you have not yet heard of them, then please look into recellular. An innovative company that has slowly and steadily worked to become the nations leading cell phone recycler. Consider how simple it would be to send in your phone when you go to upgrade.

...for those a little more ambitious, consider starting your own local cellphone donation and recycling group. Recellular will purchase (yes, purchase) your collected used phones from you, and all money could easily support a local environmental group, church group, medical cause, or whatever you want.

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XanderP said...

An old article but even more relevant today.

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The more we recycle the better our world will be!